Over 80 Colors of Rhinestone AVAILABLE 


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The cost of a leotard created in our workshop varies according to the complexity of the design and the quantity of crystals. But we have pre-established standards to help you choose the best option for you.
For training or adjustments to the needs of schools or gyms.
From 120 to 150 $ USD (without rhinestones)
From $ 160 to $ 190 (without rhinestones)
From $ 200 to $ 250 (without rhinestones)
  • For every 1500 SWAROVSKI rhinestones already glued: $ 40.00 USD
  • For every 12-24 large SWAROVSKI rhinestones, cooked: $ 24.99
  • For every 1500 SWAROVSKI crystals already glued: $ 155.00 USD

    All these options that we have for you, are only possible by agreeing on the minimum amount of rhinestones with the exception of the SIMPLE RANGE that can be made with or without rhinestones.
BASIC STYLE: This style is the type of design that is monochrome or does not require painting to give consistency to the design. The design level is basic and you can choose 1 or 2 colors without counting the nude. We use matte or glossy fabrics.
INTERMEDIATE STYLE: This style is more versatile in the choice of styles and colors. The level of design is higher, with paint or details such as tribal shapes or color gradients. You can choose 2 or 3 colors without counting the nude. We use matt, shiny or velvet fabrics.
HIGH STYLE: This style is for lovers of fine, multi-colored details. Allowing you to have a large number of options at your fingertips; shapes, styles, painting, shading, blur, etc. and more possible adaptations to your idea of ​​the perfect design. The level of design is the highest we can offer. There are no restrictions on the choice of colors or type of fabric.
Note: all include a sketch, according to your requirements.

Our intention is to create leotards that are wonderful, as well as the passion that motivates every athlete who wears them. Therefore, whatever your chosen budget, we guarantee that we will work with the same professionalism and with the best materials. The quantity of crystals to choose from is essential when choosing a final budget.
To make the design look stunning as you imagine, you can order as many crystals as you like.
The final cost of the leotards will be calculated after all your needs and requirements have been met.